Designed this logo concept, then created it for San Diego GT auto show in La Jolla. Lamborghini and Bugatti featured were special edition and estimated at around $6 million between the two.
Collaboration with KFISH.  8' x 16'

Live mural for Coca-Cola during event.

Mural for Grater Grilled Cheese Shop in La Jolla, San Diego. (16' x 40')

Mural at Silo in the Maker's Quarter, Downtown San Diego (10' x 35')

Live painting during photo shoot for Case Logic photography bags. (15' x 25')

14' x 22'

Samurai warrior mural painted in South East San Diego. (8' x 20')

armor graffiti, mural art

Part of a wall I painted for the San Diego Film Festival. Painted partially live during the event. (8' x 16')

armor graffiti, eye art

Live painting during the Chalice Music Festival in San Bernadino. (8' x 6')

Live skull painting during San Diego graffiti battle. (8' x 8')

22' x 60'

Mural for Toyota Commercial in East Los Angles.   8' x 16'

Interior Murals

Mural for Mixture in Little Italy, San Diego (18' x 24')

Brooklyn Bridge (15' x 20') - Part of series of murals for Microsoft Surface commercial

Brooklyn Subway Station (15' x 20') - Part of series of murals for Microsoft Surface commercial

Microsoft media team setting up for commercial

My section of a street art show at La Bodega art gallery in Logan Heights, San Diego. (14' x 12')

Live advertising at Comic Con San Diego for Marriot Hotels. I fully built and installed this wall before creating it entirely in front of live audience. (8' x 12') 

16' x 40'

Mural for Recess Recording Studios in Santa Ana, California. (12' x 40')

Inner Beast mural for Evolution Cross Fit. (14' x 10')


"Together Toreros." Live painting for University of San Diego. (8' x 8')